TODO IDD Tawag Abroad - SUN Cellular Internationl Promo Update 2016

Do you have love ones working abraod and you miss him? You can call your love ones abroad using SUN TODO IDD Tawag Abroad for only 50 pesos or 100 pesos. I used this promo when called my uncle in Thailand and we got a very nice conversation without any interuption - clear.

Just read the information of each promo about subscription and requirements needed to  avail.

TODO IDD Tawag Abroad - P50.00:
- SUN Subscriber
- You need to have 50 pesos worth of regular load
- 20 TriNEt SMS and 15 min TriNet Calls
- P2.00/min - P5.00/min (IDD Per Minute Rates)
- valid for 15 Days
- Just text TODOIDD50 and send to 247

TODO IDD Tawag Abroad - P100.00:
- SUN Subscriber
- You need to have 100 pesos worth of regular load
- 30 TriNEt SMS and 30 min TriNet Calls
- P8.00/min - P10.00/min (IDD Per Minute Rates)
- valid for 30 Days
- Just text TODOIDD100 and send to 247

The list of countries that you call using the international promo above:
US (Main), Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Guam, Hawaii, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Thailand, India, Nothern Marianas, Japan, Italy, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Indonesia, Spain, France

Just enjoy under the SUN..!
Lazada Affiliate

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